7:12 PM

Switzerland Trip - Pics taken in Nov.2009

We've been to Switzerland last year and although it was a bit rainy and I seldom saw the sun, I have captured some very nice landscapes and nature details! Enjoy!

8:12 PM

Still experimenting with Fashion Illustration

I'm in the learning phase... nothing I draw is good enough but I keep trying and persevering :)
This one I like best so far!

1:14 PM


Stiu ca nu am mai postat nimic de mult... Am avut cateva motive, unele mai importante decat altele, dar voi relua postarile curand. Pasiunea pentru fotografie nu a disparut, am o gramada de fotografii noi! Doar ca nu am avut timp sa le public...

Dar vin si cu ceva nou: Paintings & Fashion Illustration! De mult fac chestia asta, dar tot din lipsa de timp, nu foarte des.

Veti vedea cateva din lucrarile mele curand :)

Have a good one! XOXO